Femi Claudius-Cole Blasts Maada Bio’s New Direction Over Persistent Electricity Crisis in Freetown

Female politician, Femi Claudius-Cole has today on his twitter handle expressed how disappointed she has been on this New Direction for neglecting citizens to live in pitch darkness for days now as a result of of persistent electricity crisis in the country’s capital despite that its 61 Anniversary of the country’s Independence.

According to the female politician, Femi Claudius-Cole, major parts of the capital, business hubs of Sierra Leone has gone up to 5 days without electricity which is affecting their businesses severely.

The initial story of the unavailalbity of electricity in the capital was stationed at Karpowership being faulty and on maintenance. Other stories came which were related to the Russia and Ukraine war. This they say resulted to the sudden inflation in the prices of fuel price in the world market. This they claimed the amount of fuel to powered all the power house is limited to the demands of the number. With no choice given to the citizens, they had to succumb to the pressure. Innocent citizens are fulfilling their own oart of the deal by buying their meter top-ups with surprise later to know EDSA is adhering to their own part of the contract. Despite knowing the issue at hand, the Ministry of Energy sits like everything is OK, and the public is at least not informed of the causes to this problem.

In the eyes of Femi Claudius-Cole, the people of Sierra Leone needs to know the reasons that are making the capital going into pitch darkness again after the Karpowership is in operation, which the authority are yet to speak of.

“The silence from the ministry of Energy is DEAFNING!!! For God sake sir tell us something. ANYTHING!!!” she posted on her twitter handle. In her mind’s eye, the Ministry of Energy needs not to stay quiet on this issue, and she ironically considered their silence to be deafening. And they owe us everything to keep the citizens up-to-date on issues affecting the country.

Seeing this on her twitter handle reacted so many Sierra Leoneans expressing their views and opinions over the issue. Among others were claiming they have not had light in their area for almost a week now and they have perishable food in their refrigerator that, other have perished and remaining to be in few days if the problem is not resolved at this time.

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Many Sierra Leoneans are perplexed as a situation like this is happening right when the country is commemorating its 61 Independece Anniversary. “There are countries that are celebrating 100 yrs of constant electricity, but Salone’s case is always different” said a disgruntled Sierra Leonean. This he said as a result of the country not being able to satisfy its citizens with a day of constant electricity without EDSA doing their usual coming and going of light like Abiku child.


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