The Government of #SierraLeone (GOSL) has issued a press release addressing recent communications from the All Peoples’ Congress (APC) concerning the Tripartite Committee and the Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone.

The press release stated that it aims to clarify the government’s stance and counter what it describes as misinformation spread by the APC.

The GOSL emphasized the mandate and objectives of the Tripartite Committee, which is to review and reform the electoral systems, structures, and processes to ensure future elections are free, fair, and credible. The committee has reportedly completed its Terms of Reference (TOR), developed key documents, and hired international experts with support from international partners.

Highlighting the progress made, the GOSL noted that both GOSL and APC representatives have committed to reforming the electoral system and governance. The government clarified that the APC’s recent letter to the ECSL does not represent the Tripartite Committee’s position and that the GOSL did not authorize the APC to send this letter using the committee’s letterhead.

The GOSL also addressed inaccuracies in APC press releases, stating that the APC’s interactions with the ECSL have been misrepresented. The government assured the public that the ECSL operates independently, without government interference, as mandated by law.

Furthermore, the GOSL refuted claims suggesting that the Tripartite Committee declared Dr. Samura Wilson Kamara as the winner of the June 2023 elections or ordered a rerun. The government stressed that the committee has no authority to audit or rerun elections, which is the exclusive domain of the Supreme Court of Sierra Leone.

The GOSL reiterated President Bio’s call for engaging in politics without bitterness and prioritizing the collective welfare of Sierra Leoneans. The government expressed gratitude to international partners and experts for their support and urged APC colleagues to join in maintaining peace and completing crucial reforms.