The leader of the young power movement Mr ishmail Bah, is asking the lawyers representing Alhaji Amadu Bah (Boss LA) not to make the same mistake made in his case that ended up sending him and ten others to the Pademba Road Prison for 36 months.

“We are hoping to see the lawyers of boss LA put up a good fight and ask for every single discovery from the fuel station, especially video footages from their CC TV cameras because robbery charges are very serious allegations, every fuel station in Sierra Leone must have an up to date working cameras that cover up to 50 meters from their businesses, so the lawyers need to make sure these footages were brought in court for Sierra Leoneans to see how the robbery happened, and it shouldn’t be any excuse for the cameras was not working, because if those cameras were not rolling during the event, it a crime for that fuel station to operate in a false CC TV presence”.

He went further and state that, the young power movement is not backing boss LA in any criminal act, and if he committed the crimes he’s been accused of, the law should take it actions.

He said, all the public is asking for is a free and fair trial with all visible evidence present, and said everything surrounding boss LA case is known to be political.

Mr ishmail Bah voice has been loud on the political bully and the government silencing strong voices across the country, “f you love Sierra Leone as we all claim, these are not the type of government behaviors you should condone as a true Sierra Leonean”.

“It is a shame to know the institutions you put your hopes and trust on to protect you, fabricating allegations just to execute the mission of the government to destroy their own citizens’ future, just in the name of fearing the person’s presence and strong voice to the youth, this is so disrespectful accusing a person of a robbery crime, when entire Sierra Leone knows it a lie, and cannot believe the charges made against boss LA, we are still looking for that one trusted institution that can stand up for it citizens.