A leader is someone who guides his followers in the right way to achieve a major goal.
Leaders have different ways and manner of approach in carrying out their duties.

Popular Sierra Leonean Vickie Remo has applauded Vice President Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh as one of the best political leaders in Sierra Leone.

She said the style of leadership the Vice President is executing is something she wishes the overall government would execute.

She further stated that VP Juldeh Jalloh’s sounds measured and mature and don’t threaten nor does he come off as aggressive or insecure.

“Dunno if it’s just me but VP Juldeh Jalloh’s style of leadership is how I wish the overall govt was.

I know he is PAOPA to the core but he is the ONLY one who sounds measured and mature. He doesn’t threaten, doesn’t come off as aggressive nor insecure”.