United States based Sierra Leonean Housemates Salone Season 3 contestant, Hasanatu Julie Conteh popularly known as Julie Tombo has reached bitterly to the false social media allegations made of her attempted murder. 

These blast reactions from the Yagba Diva were as a result of the blog post by one of Sierra Leone’s finest blogger, Sarah Kallay. According to her post on the Facebook page, she revealed a case file of Julie Tombo last year’s case, which on the very one words alleged that she was accused of attempted murder.

This post on her Facebook page caused reactions from fans of Julie Tombo and many Sierra Leoneans. This was because on several interviews,  Julie has made mentioned of the story and her regrets and then the blogger bringing case files and also making claims of attempted murder that Julie denied, the case files charge was Domestic Abuse Assault. In the eyes of Julie Tombo fans, Sarah Kallay wants to bring the credibility of their contestant and tarnishing her image to the public.

With astonishment for the side of Julie Tombo, she reacted on Sarah Kallay saying “you can’t bring me down.” She appreciated her fans and supporters for their unwavering support and furthered that, they should not pay attention to any bloggers who are writing strange things about her at this time of Housemate Salone Season 3 show. She continued that, people should know that we all, have our past and ic bloggers think they can use her past to bring her down, they have more work ahead to do.

On her Facebook page she wrote:

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of Julie Musa Tombo fans for their unwavering support. Please don’t pay attention to any bloggers who are writing strange things about Julie at this time. One thing I want everyone to remember is that we all have a history. So, if some of these bloggers believe they can use the past to bring Julie down, I believe they have more work ahead of them. At this time, I will continue to ask all of our fans to keep supporting Julie and voting for her so that she can make it to the third season of Housemate Salone. Thank you to everyone.
❤️Dee Real Savior❤️”