United States based Sierra Leonean Housemates Salone Season 3 contestant, Hasanatu Julie Conteh popularly known as Julie Tombo is spotted having a fight over a guy in the United States.

The proud mother of six children on a video that has gone viral is spotted having a serious palaver with a colleague woman. The reason to their palaver that resulted to fight was claimed to have been because of a guy .

On the video, it started with an argument with both parties exchanging words and some point, Julie Tombo had to transfer her daughter to a friend and went for punches.

The fight was severe to the extent that security officers found it very difficult at some point to stop the two parties.

Julie Tombo is one of the Housemates Salone season 3 contestants. She did her audition on the second day of the auditions. Her impressive performance moved the Chief Judge, White Money from his seat and danced with her. She built her fanbase called Tombolisst and did some donations before leaving to the United States.

Julie Tombo is a proud mother of six children, and she is the CEO of JUJUNOVA. “I have lived a tragic and misfortune and disappointment as a child and as an adult” she disclosed on one of her posts.

Seeing the video on social media sparked many Sierra Leoneans and many reacted to it with positive comments. The social media drama queen Hawa Tombo who also happens to be the wife of Leone Stars Striker Musa Tombo, on seeing the video couldn’t believe what she saw and she went laughing without a word.