Housemate Salone Contestant, Hassanatu Juliana Conteh popularly known as Julie Tombo has revealed why she is scared of Okada Riders in a recent conversation. with colleagues housemates in the house.

Julie narrated how she witnessed a fatal accident that involved a bike rider carrying a young lady and a truck.

She further recalled that the said lady plaited her head with a very long braid. Unfortunately, the truck hooked her hair from the bike and the lady skull got smashed.

She described the experience as horrific. Julie further revealed that She is scared whenever Okada Riders get closer to trucks.

She clarified her statement that she likes Okada but doesn’t like it when it gets closer to a truck. The beautiful Julie is a mother to six adorable children all residing with her in the United States of America. She’s aiming to be the winner of the most eagerly anticipated reality show ever in Sierra Leone, Housemates Salone Season 3.

This year in particular has had so much buzz and online hype it’s unbelievable and already has not gone without its own share of drama, saga, publicity stunts, complete madness compared to the other seasons.

This season has also been the most talked about reality show ever and one reason for that is mostly because of its exclusivity from the previous shows