Following the chaos the house between Julie Tombo and Nata over who takes control over Nohmi George, Julie Tombo and Nata have cleared their own side of the story explaining reasons to their fight.

When Chief, who is the eye and knows all the happenings in the house told parties to have a table talk over the issue and dig deep down on the reasons that caused the fight. Initially, Julie Tombo said she will not say a word about that but off course he the Chief and owner of the house, and so nobody dares him and go unpunished.

When they were called to explain their sides of the story, Aminata T. Mansaray (Nata) she claimed that she was having conversation with George when Julie entered and said George should not be having private conversation with her. On that very moment Julie grabbed George and said if he kept talking to Nata, she would never talk to him again. After this event, Nata  Julie started making remarks that Nata is forcing herself to a man that doesn’t love her and don’t want to be with her. On reply statements, called Julie Tombo a prostitute.  This reply of hers telling Julie that she is not like her a prostitute, was were things get out of hands.

On the side of Julie Tombo, she countered that Nata was first to insult her calling her a prostitute with 6 children for 6 different father, and that was when she replied that Nata is a slave. On her explanations, Julie agreed that she grabbed George and told Nohmi George not to talk to Nata because she believes she has the right to as his present partner.

After explaining their sides of the story as to the reasons to the fight both parties concluded that all this started before they came to the house as the two have been using words against each other since the campaign period. And from their lengthy explanations all the grudge is centered around George, as Nata discloses that she personally ask judge to be her partner the moment they entered the house and this has not gone down well with Julie.

But according to Julie, she has had ties with Nohmi George even before they entered the house. With all the explanations, it seems clear that Julie Tombo and Nata are indeed fighting over Nohmi George, the game player of the house aka the mister heater.