Justice Adrian Fisher has dismissed the Defense team application to crush the corruption charge against Dr. Samura Kamara, 2018 presidential aspirant of the All Peoples Congress (APC).

Dr. Samura Kamara is standing trial along with five others namely: Saidu Nallo, Adekalie Foday Suma, Foday Vahfomba Bawoh, Dr. Samura Matthew Wilson Kamara, Dr. Kandeh Foday Basil Kamara and an American citizen Jules Sanders Davies.

Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara defense lawyer for the 4th accused person Dr Samura Matthew Wilson Kamara contested to the ruling of conflicts and resolutions filed for the trial to be tried at the Supreme Court was based on the fact of law of law that Justice Adrian Fisher holds no powers to interpret the constitution and that only the Supreme Court has the power to do so.  He cited section 124 of the Criminal Procedure Act of 41, 46 and section 64 and 66.

Justice Adrian Fisher ruled that it is within the ambit of law certified by the Attorney General and Minister of Justice for a foreign national to be tried in accordance with section 53 of the Criminal Procedure Act of 1965.

He furthermore stated that defense counsel for the 4th accused failed to file an extension of the time in connection to the notice of motion filed on the 4th of February for the 4th accused person Dr. Samura Matthew Wilson Kamara. Justice Fisher said that non-compliance of court order has become the norm of legal practioners flouting orders.

Justice Fisher also called on the First prosecution witness PW1 Joseph Noah to testify in court.

First prosecution witness Joseph Noah read the statement of the 1st accused, a document which he tendered in court but was objected by Defense Counsel Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara as according to him the tendered document before him differs from the one that the prosecution witness was reading.

Dr Samura Kamara on the 23rd of November 2021 was indicted alongside Saidu Nallo head of Chancery Sierra Leone’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York, Foday Vahfomba Bawoh former Financial Attaché of Sierra Leone Mission to the United Nations in New York, Adekalie Foday Suma, former permanent representative of Sierra Leone mission to the United Nations in New York and Jules Sanders Davis an American Citizen and agent contractor of the Sierra Leone permanent mission to the United Nations, on various corruption charges relating to the reconstruction of the Sierra Leone United Nations Permanent representative Chancery Building in New York.

A-Z Newspaper reports that, the five were charged with forty-eight counts of corruption offences bordering on failure to comply with Applicable Procedures and guidelines relating to procurement, the management of funds, Misappropriation of public funds, Abuse of office, Fraudulent Acquisition of a benefit, Knowingly Deceiving a principal and conspiracy to commit a corruption offence.