The Chairman and Leader of the Alliance Democratic Party, Mohamed Kamarainba is currently in a critical condition at the 34 Military Hospital in Wilberforce Village, Freetown.

Haja Mansaray, a younger sister of Mr. Kamarainba had confirmed to the Public Review Newspaper that they have not been given access to visit Mr. Mohamed Kamarainba since he is being transferred from Pademba Road Prisons to the Military Hospital.

Haja Mansaray also noted that even when Kamarainba was at the Correctional Centre, it was very difficult to see him because there were lots of constraints and bog down procedures to be followed which would take up to two days.

She expressed the fact that, “We have tried very hard to see Mr. Kamarainba, but the security officials said they would only allow us if they had orders from the above”.

Hospital management later told us that Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray was taken for medical treatment today to the Ecomed Medical Unit, where he was reported to have suffered an attack.

According to the Public Review Newspaper, the sister to Mohamed Kamarainba has pleaded with the government of Sierra Leone to free Kamarainba for him to seek appropriate medical attention instead of allowing him to die a ‘political prisoner’ in prison.

You will recall that the ADP Chairman and Leader was arrested and detained on allegations of sexual penetration of a child in February 2020 and since then, he has been imprisoned for over two years now despite having not been found guilty of the crime. Six months ago, Tuesday, 7 September 2021, Kamarainba was granted a bail with a condition of Le100m plus two sureties. However, the bail is still being processed six months later today.