Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella, Chairman of the Presidential Initiative for Climate Change, Renewable Energy and Food Security in Sierra Leone has shared his fond memories of the late British High Commissioner, Peter Penfold.

The sudden passing of Peter Penfold saddened many Sierra Leoneans, including Dr. Yumkella, who considered him a dear friend and brother. They first met during Dr. Yumkella’s evacuation to Conakry before the rebel invasion in Freetown. Dr. Yumkella highlighted their frequent communication during his hospitalization.

Dr. Yumkella expressed his gratitude for the wonderful experiences they shared, from their time in Oxford and Vienna to their discussions about global politics, sustainable development, and the future of Sierra Leone. He described Peter Penfold’s deep love for the country and referred to him as “Pa Komrabia.”

He said, “Our Journey together took us through many memorable moments. From our shared experience in Oxford and Vienna to the cherished times we spent in Freetown, our families became intertwined in the tapestry of our lives. I will never forget the day Peter and I took a Boat ride along the river at his Oxford home, engaging in impassioned discussions about global politics, diplomacy, sustainable development, and his favorite subject – the future of Sierra Leone.”

During Peter Penfold’s last visit to Sierra Leone, Dr. Yumkella had the opportunity to spend time together with him. They discussed various topics including Dr. Yumkella’s political journey and the importance of preserving history and learning from the lessons of the Sierra Leone war.

Dr. Yumkella extended his condolences and prayers to Peter Penfold’s family, particularly to Cylia, during this challenging time.