Entertainment ambassador, Kao Denero has confirmed on his Facebook page that Sierra Leone Government has approved funds for the staging of film festival in the country.

Ambassador Kao stated on his page “Government has recently approved a budget submitted from my office for the first national film festival in Sierra Leone.
My team has been In touch with the film council as preparations are ongoing for promotions to commence.”

Ambassador Kao further confirms that 1st April is the selected date for the film festival. The Black Leo CEO believes that the festival will create a platform for all film creators to network and showcase their contents to stake holders and interested partners. Added to this, film makers will be able to sell their movies  as well as promote future projects.

Kao Confirms that the first selection of ten Sierra Leone films will be submitted to the SLBC for broadcasting leading towards the film festival

Meanwhile, Ambassador is set to stage the back to my Roots festival on May 7th. Kao Confirms that the event is a bid to reunite Sierra Leone Polarized Entertainment industry