Sierra Leone’s Entertainment Ambassador Kao Denero convened a significant meeting at the Ministry of Tourism’s headquarters, where he engaged with the newly appointed Minister of Tourism, Madam Nabeela F Tunis, and her deputy, Mrs. Kadiatu G.A Kamara.

Ambassador Kao Denero shared his invaluable insights and strategic plans during this momentous gathering. He emphasized the pivotal role of the Ministry in fostering the growth and prosperity of the entertainment sector.

In his address, Ambassador Kao Denero provided a comprehensive overview of his remarkable past achievements, which included the successful execution of initiatives like the Back to My Root Festival, Meet the People Tour, and the innovative Playlist System. These accomplishments underscored his visionary approach to enhancing the entertainment landscape.

Advocating for the sector’s needs and aspirations, Ambassador Kao Denero conveyed his expectations for a robust commitment from the Ministry. He articulated his vision for a collaborative partnership that would leverage the Ministry’s resources to propel the entertainment industry to greater heights.

Responding to Ambassador Kao Denero’s plea, Minister Nabeela F Tunis and her deputy, Mrs. Kadiatu G.A Kamara, expressed their unequivocal dedication to supporting the Entertainment Ambassador’s vision.

They conveyed their eagerness to forge a strong and enduring alliance, with the shared objective of nurturing the growth, innovation, and prosperity of the entertainment sector.