Erudite Lawyer, Finda Koroma has assured the nation that the intention of the ex Vice President of Sierra Leone, Sam Sumana, with regards the economic and political sanctions that he threatened to lobby the ECOWAS to impose on this country, is nothing but a figment of Sam Sumana’s imagination.

The legal luminary further assured the Kono people that the Kono University of Science and Technology is a reality no matter the bad plans that unpatriotic Sam Sumana nursed against it.

She made the statement while reacting to wide rumours from the opposition All People’s Congress party circles that lawyers of ex Vice President Sam Sumana had urged ECOWAS to impose socioeconomic sanctions on the government of Sierra Leone by 14th June 2023 if compensation to the latter for his illegal removal from office by his kith and kin in the APC led by ex President Koroma, if they are not complied with.

According to Lawyer Koroma currently at the Abuja Headquarters: “The Regional ECOWAS Court of Justice does not have enforcement powers” adding that the Court only advises governments of member states if they have violated the human rights of citizens (like the APC govt did against “una sidon na gron” Sam Sumana) to pay them compensation based on the judgment.
“The Kono University of Science and Technology has nothing to do with the ECOWAS Court of Justice” she emphasized, adding that as soon as the Environmental Impact Assessment is done and submitted, disbursement of funds (Indian Exit Bank Loan) will commence on Schedule of Payment basis.

She however, said “If somebody wins a case and judgment is in his favour I support the aggrieved person to meet and negotiate with government” rather than engage in highly unpatriotic schemes at a crucial moment like this when the New Direction Administration is strenuously amending damages caused by the APCโ€™s misrule.

Madam Finda Koroma furthered that the Regional ECOWAS Court of Justice does not execute judgment on a government loan(Indian Bank Loan above) except on assets like government buildings or cash in an account, and that there is usually no ban on staff of member countries, although countries that violate the ECOWAS Supplementary Protocol on democracy and good governance could be suspended like Guinea, Mali and Burkina Faso. This clarification has left the opposition APC without any alternative in their misinformation campaign and devilish plans but to lick their wounds.

The people of Kono have been left with awe by this strange unpatriotic move that Sam Sumana has embarked on to frustrate and destroy all plans for Kono to have a university in connivance with his All People’s Congress party members who are never up to any good and who are using politics to war against the Kono people.