Mayor Aki-Sawyerr Joined in The Campaign to Stop Deforestation

Freetown City Mayor, Yvonne Aki-Sawyer has joined the growing number Campaigning to stop Deforestation in Sierra Leone.

For a while now Custodians of the Environment and many other have been campaigning to stop the rampant deforestation in Sierra Leone which had been as a result of the rampant cutting down of trees for charcoal production and the production of Timber.

The mayorโ€™s urge to join in the campaign to end deforestation came about, after her meaningful and productive engagements on climate change at COP26.

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As a way to implement what she learnt, she made this first step to tweet a campaign message to stop deforestation.

“Low emitting countries like ours must protect our environment, ecosystems & biodiversity. #TimberLogging must be limited! Climate change consequences are being experienced now. Effective & consistent #ClimateAction is required now! #COP26 #StopDeforestation #TogetherForOurFuture” she said.


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