Sierra Leone’s Chief Minister, David Monina Sengeh has delivered a compelling message to opposition parties and all citizens, urging them to embrace peace and rally behind the administration of President Julius Maada Bio, in the collective pursuit of a stronger and more prosperous nation.

Chief Minister Sengeh emphasized the inclusive nature of President Bio’s mandate, asserting that while not every Sierra Leonean may have cast their vote for President Bio, his leadership is dedicated to serving the entire populace over the next five years.

He underscored that the responsibility for the nation’s development extends beyond the President and the ruling SLPP government, emphasizing the role of every citizen in shaping the country’s trajectory.

Addressing a diverse array of stakeholders including opposition political parties, media outlets, Civil Society Organizations, and collaborative partners, Chief Minister Sengeh implored them to unite and synergize efforts towards advancing the country’s developmental goals.

In a passionate plea, Chief Minister Sengeh stated, “My earnest message to all inhabitants of this great nation is that we must unite as a collective, casting aside our political affiliations. Let us stand firmly against corruption in all sectors, utilize public resources judiciously, fulfill our civic duty to pay taxes, and promote punctuality and diligent public service among government employees. To attain our national aspirations by the medium-term target of 2035, we must harness the collective strength of government, opposition, and ordinary citizens.”

Displaying unwavering confidence in the appointed ministers, Chief Minister Sengeh assured Sierra Leoneans of a comprehensive delivery of services across all Ministries, Departments, and Agencies, underscoring the commitment to a brighter future for the nation.