Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Health and Sanitation is surely not taking things for granted and this time, a good number of Opinion Leaders have been engaged to serve as COVID-19 Vaccine Champions.

Sheku Putka Kamara a Journalist and Lecturer said he is honored to be part of the team.

“The engagement at EOC, Wilkinson Road was apt and I am honored to have been one of the selected few. When COVID was at its peak, an encouraging number of us were selected as COVID-19 Ambassadors. Our task was to help with accurate information sharing and to help with sensitization messages. It was a worthy venture and I could recall people telling me that I was always putting on a face mask, anywhere around town”.

“However, almost always, people will still recognize me no matter how I attempt to disguise myself. On the Vaccines, we have to emphasize that they are safe and effective. A few side effects may exist, but experts say we’re not to worry for they’d pass, in no time”.

“I am appreciative that persons with disabilities are included in this venture. So, we shall be making some trips to some parts of the country, especially in places where the number of vaccinated persons is not that encouraging. We all have to take the lead in doing this. Initially, people were hesitant, but with about 2 million people in the country fully vaccinated already, we just need to scale up a little more effort. This is doable. Many thanks to Madam Yeama, Harold, and the rest of the team”.