The count-down has just begun and everyday takes Sierra Leone very close to the election date. When a medicine is no longer needed in cities and urban areas, it is taken to the villages for sale since the villagers do not look for expiry date.

That is the situation confronting, SLPP, the party is no longer needed in cities and urban centres, so it is now taken to villages. The villagers do not know SLPP expiry date.

In hard-to-reach communities, SLPP would use the villagers to hold the secret campaigns. It was during such meetings that an SLPP hardliner threatened to use brute force against anyone that betrayed the party. The party’s leadership issued a press release dissociating from the threat knowing its implications it may have during the elections.

SLPP, according to the press release, was never in support of such statement. Northern region has seen much of SLPP’s visits in recent past, a move many Sierra Leoneans have treated with suspicion. In the cities and towns, SLPP is an expired drug since the party has failed to live up to the people’s expectations. Before the whistle is blown, the party is in secret campaigns covered up by meetings with the people.

President Julius Maada Bio’s visit alongside Dr Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella’s to the northern town of Kambia lately is one in a latest streams of SLPP’s secret campaigns. Yumkella who was UNIDO (United Nation Industrial Development Organisation) got four parliamentary seats after he formed the NGC (National Grand Coalition), the third force in parliament. The former UNIDO chief is weighty in the country’s politics, and was quite critical of President Bio. While in Kambia, President Bio assured the people that SLPP would continue in governance. It was form of confidence building measure for the people to still continue to see SLPP as they party of choice.

The visit to Kambia with Kandeh Yumkella sparked public debates and discussions that Yumkella could be Bio’s next running mate in the 2023 elections. The current Vice President, Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh’s position remains shaky. He is less popular among his Fula tribesmen talk less of those outside his tribe.

The debate continues with claims and counter claims. SLPP’s secretary-general, Umaru Napoleon Koroma has refuted the claim saying SLPP could win elections without Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella.

However, the visit to Kambia by the two gentlemen still remained a topical issue. Bio too fought hard to sell SLPP to the people. although the town is situated in the distant east, Kailahun has shown much loyalty to the then APC (All People’s Congress) government which worked hard to give Kailahun a new facelift. They are not ready to switch over to any other political party owing.

President Bio, during the visit to Kaliahun, called on the people to forget about APC and pays attention to SLPP saying APC would take them nowhere,