Sierra Leone Police Arrests 3 Pioneers of The Fake African Graduate University

Deputy Head of Media and Public Relations, Sierra Leone Police (SLP), Superintendent Samuel Saio Conteh, has disclose that the police have apprehended three suspects who are alleged to be the pioneers of the African Graduate University (AGU) which have been conferring fake university degree.

Their arrest (Professor M. Y. Bangura and two others) came as a result of increased concerns over the conferment of fake university degrees by the African Graduate University and the Dominion University on people who are currently occupying key positions in Government.

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According to Awoko Newspaper, Superintendent Conteh disclosed that two suspects of the Dominion University had been in custody for a couple weeks now, adding these three suspects of the African Graduate University were also arrested not too long ago.


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  • MOHAMED KOROMA | 2022-04-28 12:35:54
    Special thank to ACC and all those that are concern for looking into such corruptive acts of our leaders in our belove Sierra Leone . These are the people who are holding key positions in this administration with no qualification for such positions and giving bad image to this government and leading the country to backwardness . Of no doubt this country hardly develop because all the keys to her progress are been occupied by fake people because if you do not know your position as minister of internal affairs you can not do what is necessary for the progress of the country and citizens as well . Thanks for the job well done.
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