The Sierra Leone Police (SLP) in its normal weekly press briefing held on Tuesday 31st January 2023 declared QNet Enterprise as a criminal and deceptive entity.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Brima Kamara disclosed that following the activities of the enterprise over the years, the they have been inundated with reports from the public of Qnet’s fraudulent and deceitful activities which has made them to declared the entity a criminal enterprise.

He said the entity is registered with the Sierra Leone Police and other relevant institutions in the country, but noted that they have different motive from its present operations. He noted that they now use online travelling programs, where they deceived and duped people.

ASP Kamara assured the public that the SLP is on course to track the enterprise wherever it is in the country, stating that even though they are registered with the SLP they will still go after them, until they stops operations.

He further called on members of the general public to disassociate themselves with QNet.