The Regional Commander Freetown-East AIG Aiah Edward Samadiya, also known as the Silver Commander, together with the two bronze commanders (LUCs) of the Eastern Police Station and the Harbour Police Division, with their operations personnel, in collaboration with SLRSA, on Friday 6th January 2023, conducted a joint operation along the Hillside Bypass Road to remove stalls/Bafas that have been constructed on various flanks on the road.

It could be recalled that a sensitization operation was done on Tuesday 3rd January wherein the locals were warned to remove their stalls from the said road as the work is not yet fully completed on it. They were also warned not to use the road as a garage, or to wash cars, motorbikes and kekehs on it.

Commencing from Benz Garage, the operation was successful until the team arrived at Gaza, Upper Mountain Cut Junction, where youths at a makeshift structure called Parliament pelted stones, bottles, and sticks at the approaching police van SLP 236. The police swiftly dispersed them with a few teargases and continued with their operation.

The Community Relations Department of Harbour quickly placed their speaker box at the middle of the road and sensitized the people to handle the road with care and abstain from doing anything that will obstruct traffic.

The operation ended successfully and the police promised to be conducting patrols along the road to maintain the status quo.