Police at the Rogbaneh police station in making is currently investigating an alleged case of a man preparing fake West African Senior schools certificate (WASSCE) results for people to get into universities and colleges.

On the 16th of November, 2022, the police at Rogbaneh police station mounted an alleged arrest of a suspected impersonator Mohamed Kamara residing at Field Road in Makeni city at around 12:pm local time.

The whole issue catapulted after a young lady Marion Koroma who attempted to enroll at the university of Makeni (UNIMAK) for a degree course of study, however, she was questioned by the university’s administration where she got her results because she couldn’t defend her results.

She was however molested by the university’s staff
Wallowing into the mendacity she testified and confessed that the result was given to her by the perpetrator.

She was later handed over to the police after a precarious situation filled her with incorruptible perspiration, traumatized.
They are currently in custody at the Makeni police Division.

The accused Mohamed Kamara tremblingly said he’s a member of the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) and vehemently denied the allegations that he didn’t prepare any result for anybody and was interrogated and asked the name of the head of WAEC in makeni, but he couldn’t tell.

I can adequately confirm that the accused said he’s not in the mood to talk to any journalist at present.

The police proclaimed to reveal everything to the masses after they’ve carried out a preliminary and drastic investigation to wash all the dirty associates of the culprits.

The two accused persons are presently in custody aiding the police in carryout out their investigations at the Gbaneh police Division in Makeni.