Journalist, and Development Communication Specialist, Thomas Dixon has urged the government of Sierra Leone to prioritize establishing political stability, asserting that it’s essential to instill confidence in potential investors.

During his recent appearance on AYV Good Morning Salone, Dixon emphasized that the government cannot employ up to 10,000 individuals in the civil service sector. Instead, their primary focus should be on fostering political stability.

He noted, “When the opposition abstains from participating in governance and when the police detain individuals on accusations of subversion or coup attempts, it’s clear that political stability is lacking.”

Dixon further elaborated, “For any nation, political stability is the bedrock of maintaining and attracting investments. Without it, investors lack the confidence to commit their resources.”

Highlighting the path forward, he stressed that for the country to generate more job opportunities, particularly for the youth, the government must foster an environment of political stability. This, in turn, would attract investments, leading to job creation. Dixon concluded by expressing concern that the current lack of political stability is hampering the realization of the five major points in the government’s manifesto.