The Presidential National Best Teacher Award, a prestigious recognition in Sierra Leone’s education sector, has concluded at the Sierra Leone Teaching Services Commission Office, situated on Komalah Road in Pujehun. The event, which celebrates excellence in teaching across primary, secondary, and tertiary education levels, saw the unveiling of deserving winners for the Primary and Secondary categories.

At the Primary level, Mr. Abu Sheriff, the dedicated Head Teacher of Roman Catholic (RC) Primary School Zimmi Makpele, emerged as the victor. His unwavering commitment to shaping the minds of young learners and his outstanding contributions to education in Pujehun District have earned him this coveted honor. Mr. Sheriff’s dedication to nurturing the next generation of leaders has left an indelible mark on his students and the community.

In the Secondary level category, Madam Mariama Massaquoi, a devoted educator at Holy Rosary Secondary School Pujehun, was declared the winner. Madam Massaquoi’s passion for teaching and her ability to inspire her students to excel academically was instrumental in securing her victory. Her tireless efforts in providing quality education and her commitment to empowering the youth have made her an exemplary teacher in Pujehun District.

Both Mr. Abu Sheriff and Madam Mariama Massaquoi have earned the honor of representing the Pujehun District in this year’s Presidential National Best Teacher Award Competition at the regional level. Their dedication and exceptional teaching skills have not only enriched the lives of their students but have also elevated the standard of education in the district.

The Presidential National Best Teacher Award serves as a platform to recognize and celebrate the invaluable contributions of educators who go above and beyond in shaping the future of Sierra Leone through education. As they advance to the regional competition, Mr. Abu Sheriff and Madam Mariama Massaquoi carry with them the hopes and aspirations of Pujehun District, and they are poised to make their district proud on the national stage.

This annual award reaffirms the importance of educators in nurturing the nation’s talents and fostering a brighter future for Sierra Leone. It is a testament to the dedication and hard work of teachers like Mr. Abu Sheriff and Madam Mariama Massaquoi, who continue to inspire and uplift their communities through education.