On 3rd October 2023, Sierra Leone Hospitality And Tourism Association (SLHATA) released a statement expressing serious concerns over the recent tax review for travelers departing from Sierra Leone.

The association highlighted the financial strain that this tax, combined with the existing Airport tax for arrivals and departures and the elevated cost of water taxis, places on travelers. They emphasized that such financial pressures could further challenge the already beleaguered Hospitality and Tourism sector in the country.

The Press Release reads: “The Executive and Members of SLHATA would like to express deep concerns with regards to the tax review for travel ex-Sierra Leone.

“We fear that this additional financial burden along with the previous Airport tax on arrival and departure on travelers and the high cost of water taxis will adversely impact the already struggling Hospitality and Tourism sector.

“Moreover, it will have a long-term effect on the ability of our sector to boost the wider Leone economy.”

The association indicated that they would be sharing their concerns directly with the Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs and are currently gathering feedback from their members.