Violence marred the country known as one of the peaceful countries on Earth. This reasons that resulted to the protest were uncleared but many grassroots complained the statuses of the country.

Following to this unfortunate killings happening in Sierra Leone, where both Police and civilians have lost their lives to the protest. In the Eastern part of Freetown considered danger zone to this protest, civilians and police clashed that resulted to lost of lives of many Sierra Leoneans and others damage and properties destroyed.

What was thought to be a peaceful protest  by the citizens  to show their frustrations over the worsening living conditions in the country, has rocketed to be bloody and deadly.

These actions of the citizens patrolling the streets of Freetown and Western Area rural without police approval to stage the peaceful protest later gave birth to a dearly bloodshed.

Seeing photos of the situation, Mayor of the Municipality of Freetown, Yvonne Aki-sawyerr expressed her depressed emotional status on the situation. On her Facebook post, Mayor Yvonne Aki-sawyerr called security forces and the entire populace of Freetown to be peaceful in their interaction. She added that we can overcome our challenges with peace.

“I am deeply disturbed by the images of violence going on in Freetown this morning. I am calling on the security forces and all Freetonians to be peaceful in our interactions! We can overcome our challenges with peace!!” Yvonne Aki-sawyerr mentioned.

Many depressed, angry and disgruntle Sierra Leoneans replying to this tweet of the Mayor blasted at the mayor of Freetown on allegations of Hypocrisy. According to many, Yvonne Aki-sawyerr should have intervene on the situation before it reached to the situation it has reached.

“This is the highest level of #hypocrisy I am reading, how can you be disturbed by a situation that is of your own making? Do not take all S/Leoneans for granted. What is happening today & for the past few days has been orchestrated by you @yakisawyerr@samurakamara201@ebklegacy” Abdulrahman Kaikai tweeted.

“You should be ashamed of yourself madam. The seed you sow today, would yield multiple fruits tomorrow. Just wait and see madam so called Mayor!!!” Delaw@Lawrenc92389756 replied to Mayor’s tweet.