When things happened in a way that you were not expecting it, sometimes, it surprises you with mixed feelings. Following the recent love saga of one of Sierra Leone International model, Victor Onie Williams proposal to an unknown fiancee after his divorce with Housemates Salone season 2 winner, Saraih Conteh Roberts, many Sierra Leoneans are amazed to have found the truth of the proposal.

The celebrity, Onie on his official page posted pictures of him kneeling down proposing to another girl. This photos went viral as many Sierra Leonean bloggers blogged and congratulated the celebrity. Whilst on the other side of the coin, many Sierra Leoneans questioned his actions. Due to this decision which was thought by many to be true, Victor Onie Williams was named ‘Lord of Rings’ as they claimed he has proposed to four women within three years.

His ex-fiancee, Saraih Conteh Roberts on a live video replied to commenters of social media post that she is no longer the Saraih they used to know. She continued that Onie is long forgotten in her life and whatever decision he takes has nothing to do with her.

Notwithstanding the blames, bashes and the grudges held against Victor Onie Williams, it has on an official video of Camouflage featuring K-Man title ‘Ashobi’ Victor Onie Williams was spotted in the video proposing to the same unknown women he posted.

Sierra Leoneans seeing this video are now perplexed and surprised to what they have expected to be true has been proven wrong.

Watch Video: πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ https://fb.watch/f0rKNZzKHv/