The Secretary General of  the Sierra Leone People Party, Umaru Napoleon Koroma has issued a press statement over a seeming threat of elections violence in Lokomasa PortLoko District.

The press statement confirms that the Secretariat and Executive of the Party have seen a video of what appears to be one of their supporters threatening violence against other SLPP supporters in Lokomasama, Port Loko District should such SLPP supporters betray the SLPP in a forthcoming election there.

The press statement further assured Sierra Leoneans that whilst the Secretariat has set up an immediate investigation into the circumstances around the utterances, the SLPP hereby swiftly condemns the recorded threats of that of their supporter and they apologies to the peaceful people of Lokomasama. They want it firmly on record that the reprehensible threats of that single supporter is not representative of the views of the party.

The release confirms that SLPP has always prided themselves in peace and unity and would not deviate from that under any circumstance.

They strongly call on their supporters nationwide to conduct themselves peacefully and cajole, not threaten, others. The  release further pointed out that the gigantic achievements of their party are enough to convince reasonable Sierra Leoneans to support SLPP in any election.

Violence and its accompanying vices are not symbols of our party. Tolerance as exhibited in our ONE COUNTRY, ONE PEOPLE motto is what SLPP is associated with.

The Sierra Leone People Party say sorry to the people of Lokomasama and they faithfully assure them of a peaceful and violence-free election under their Government.