The governing Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) was caught on the backfoot yesterday Monday 8th August 2022 when a well-coordinated Sit-Home Strike saw a chunk of the capital city of Freetown and the main opposition stronghold of Makeni City virtually grind to a halt in the morning hours before things slowly returned to normal.

A clearly ill-prepared SLPP regime had to bring out Cabinet Ministers on to Freetown streets to help allay fears that all Ministers had fled the capital city.

The false reports of Ministers fleeing, were broadcast by a miscreant based in Holland who whilst he was in entertainment business, went by the stage name of ‘King Adebayo’.

For almost two years now in this country, I have been raising attention to the fact that the miscreant in Holland using a stage name of ‘King Adebayo’ is a front (a ventriloquist puppet) for the Former President of Sierra Leone Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma (aka EBK) and Koroma’s political architecture.

This is a FACT that I even deposed to in Court papers sworn under Oath at risk of Perjury.

This link has been disregarded by SLPP-led Regime.

To my mind, it appears as if back-door collaboration between Ernest Bai Koroma and the current President, H.E. Dr. Julius Maada Bio, has seen these negative developments continue unabated.

President Bio cannot even draw the attention of Holland authorities to the long-running criminal malfeasance operating thereon.

We now have a Call by ‘King Adebayo’ for ordinary citizens to take to the streets tomorrow August 10th and overthrow the SLPP/Bio Regime by force.

This country however cannot afford to slide backwards again into the undemocratic abyss *and I only hope President Bio knows this. I hope he knows this.

I drop my pen. Lonta.