Supporters of the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party have shared to Social Media a lovely photo of the Vice President of Sierra Leone, Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh, and his family.

This publication came after Sierra Leoneans started to show doubt about whether the Vice President, Juldeh Jalloh has a wife.

According to these curious Sierra Leoneans, from campaign period, onto the time the Vice President took up office, there have been no photos of the VP and his family posted on Social Media like how other politicians do.

They added that even members of the opposition takes photos of themselves and their families on special occasions and flaunts it on Social Media, the VP on the other hand is only seen with fellow politicians or on VP duties and never with his family.

This made the curious Sierra Leoneans to wonder if he truly has a wife at all and started spreading rumors about him.

Because of that, supporters of the SLPP came through to save the reputation of the respected man and posted a photo of him together with his beautiful wife and cute daughter.