Female Politician, Sylvia Olayinka Blyden has narrated how She reverted to the use of “Coal Goose” to iron her cloths as a result of electricity shortage.

Blyden narrated on her Facebook page that there’s no electricity at her residence to use electric iron. This problem also couple with the current expensive nature of fuel for her generator..

Dr Blyden further stated that she was left with no other options to iron her clothes, but just sent to buy one of these household utensils (Coal Goose).

Blyden describes her experience that it is going to be some exciting times ahead taking her back to the old days of ironing her clothes with “Coal Goose” as a child.

In recent times, Freetown has been marred with electricity challenges. The Energy Ministry has confirmed that the Ship that is providing energy for the City is has having some technical issues which they are working on to restore.