Who is Alhaji, Ing. Mohamed Babatunde Cole, the man who just donated a multipurpose building to Fourah Bay College University of Sierra Leone worth around US$2 million?

Dear Babatunde Cole,

A fellow compatriot and a fellow alumnus of Fourah Bay College University of Sierra Leone writes you this letter of appreciation for your show of altruism at its highest level through your generous donation of an ultramodern building to the very place that gifted us the esteemed title of Athens of West Africa.

Who Says Ordinary Citizens Cannot Contribute Massively Towards Quality Education?

I am impressed beyond words for this priceless offer of yours to our university in particular, our country, the continent and the world in general. I’m pleased and the rest of the alumni are pleased with your priceless contribution to the growth and development of education,especially science and technology-related disciplines.

I have not met you in person and I don’t know if I will ever meet you in person but your priceless act has created the opportunity for me to meet you. I can’t wait to meet you and hand you a “Thank You Card” which I currently hold in my hands waiting to hand the same over to you.

I’m speechless! I once doubted we have men like you in our country but you brought light to my pessimistic outlook in this regard. I was wrong and I am happy I was wrong. A man who invests in education is truly investing in the youth and the future of the country and the world at large.

I must hasten to say your heart is big and your aspirations are huge. I am here clapping with all my might as I recognize and appreciate your blessings to our nation.

Some people have refereed to you as the Dangote of Sierra Leone but I will gladly refer to you as our own Tony Elumelu; the man who breathes life into ideas and dreams of progressive and transformative young leaders.

As a service person myself, I truly know and feel the impact of your generosity to our university. Yes! Men have done their best to give back to our university but this generous act of yours caught the nation’s attention and we are left asking who you are! We are asking because we want to know how you moved out of the realm of individualism to the realm of communalism? How you have successfully imbibed the Ubuntu Culture? How we can learn from you to be this selfless! I’m in awe!

Your generous act caught the attention of the Presidency and for which the President left his busy schedule to move to Fourah Bay College to commission the said project. It’s huge! It’s massive! It’s progressive and developmental! We need men and women of your kind to help save our nation! Your contribution will affect lives today and tomorrow. Your contribution will benefit lives on the shores of Fourah Bay College, Sierra Leone, the Continent and the globe.

I am using this opportunity to extend my thanks and appreciation to you for helping in your own unique ways to fix our educational system. Thank you for lighting up the engineering department at our university. Thank you for breathing life into dreams, ideas and visions. Thank you for the ultramodern building that will help produce the best of our men and women to light up our engineering space!

We pray God continue to guide your path and bless you abundantly. We pray the alumni Association of our University will use this as a springboard to rally our collective support to give back to our university and society at large.

Please Sir, accept the assurances of my highest respect and admiration.


Alfred Kamanda Esq.

[email protected]