A Sierra Leonean and American citizen Mr. Alex Kamara, expert in United States Immigration Laws, on Monday August 15th 2022, in an address delivered to the executive of the Net-Work of Ex-Asylum Seekers, situated at 54 Wellington Street in Freetown and the media, said that the United States government offered rewards of ten thousand dollars to each deportee to Sierra Leone, through the Sierra Leone Chancery in Washington.

Mr. Alex said that in his twenty-three years of engagement with migrants in the United States, he has written over two thousand Petitions to the US State Department on behalf of migrants from South and Central America (Hispanics). Former Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa and has held talks with state department officials on immigration and won many cases of migrants on deportation list.

He said there are hundreds of aliens in deportation camps in Virginals, Florida, Texas and elsewhere in the USA, awaiting their petitions to be processed by the appropriate authorities.

He said that among those in these camps are the Sierra Leoneans, whose plights are in as the ballot box. He said the ten thousand dollars is for the deportee to recover the from stigmatization by ensuring that he or she will use the money for Accommodation, Food, and Clothing, or integrate and compete with society and other social needs.

Mr. Alex says he wonders why NEAS is not aware of that, as an organization that has been caring for over 180 deportees in its more than ten years of existence. He said that while here, he is ready to challenge anyone with more facts, who may dispute his revelations, and promised to cater for the organ upon his return to the USA.

In His welcome address, the National Coordinator of NEAS, Mr Abdulai Daramy, thanked the guest for his concerns, furthering that since the establishment of the organisation over ten years ago, no organisation or government entity has funded their activities, and that it was only German based MEDICA International that had sponsored them with limited sum of sensitization to discourage illegal migration of citizens to other countries. He also disclosed that they have visited many MDAs and other institutions to put across their case, but no positive response has been received so far.

Daramy maintained that they played an integral part in the development of a migration policy, which is yet to receive Parliamentary attention and also explained that the organisation has been making sacrifices to assist deportees on their daily needs, including medical, assistance during an epidemic, endemic pandemic, flooding crisis, visit them periodically for counselling.

He said they have never received any donation in the sum of money, material or logistics since the establishment of the institution.