A Mende Woman has lamented on the way the International Women’s Day is celebrated in Sierra Leone. According to her, the International Women’s Day in Sierra Leone, now looks like Fatima Bio’s Ashobi Women’s Day.

She added that, she hope it is not the government money they have used to buy Ashobi for themselves, through proposals sent to the government as means to get money they can spend.

“Even the 30% quota that have been sent to Parliament, nothing beneficial has been done with it. Prostitution business is upsidedown, rape crimes are happening every now and then” she said.

She further stated that nothing is happening except the Ashobi and the ‘Laybelleh’ people in the street talking about the Sisi Okenkeh(First Lady, Fatima Bio), instead of celebrating the International Women’s Day.

What do we really celebrate in Sierra Leone on International Women’s Day?”, She ended.