In the early hours of Wednesday 10 July, 2022 an orchestrated and machinated riot broke out in the Eastern part of the Capital and some parts of the North leaving close to 10 police personnel both senior and junior dead and properties worth billions of leones destroyed.

Eyewitness account states that as usual, the mobs commenced their destructive act by barricading major streets and roads, burning tyres, attacking pedestrians and commercial vehicles, tricycles and motorbikes.

The witness continued that Police who were deployed at strategic locations were also targeted with some stations in Kamakwie, Makeni, Magboraka and Masingbi, were invaded, suspects freed and the station destroyed.
Approved School, Wellington, Texaco and Calaba Town Police posts among others in the Capital City were also not spared by the mobs.

This act of lawlessness, hooliganism and terrorism has been view by the public as an attacked not only on the police and state but on the democracy, peace, security and tranquility which we all enjoyed as a nation.

The police in it strongest term has condemned the wilful killing of their compatriots who were performing their lawful duties as mandated by the 1991Constitution and therefore wait for public response and the human right organizations who always cry them down.