Even common sense would now tell you that some unpatriotic members of the main opposition APC are bent on causing mayhem in Sierra Leone because their party is not in power.

Dr. SAMURA KAMARA, former imposed flagbearer of the APC is on record to have retorted ; ” I will make Sierra Leone ungovernable…”

Since the APC lost the last Presidential Elections, the utterances of Koita, Adebayor, Evangelist Samson, social media groups like APC Tagmen among others, have been drumming another senseless war in Sierra Leone.

These hugely APC financially sponsored persons and groups were firmly behind the incidents in Tombo, Lunsar, Makeni and the Prison break attempt at the Pademba Road Correctional Centre. Trucks load of cutlasses/ machetes and other weapons from neighbouring Guinea have been apprehended by the police on several occasions.

We have heard voices of alleged APC supporters or groups calling for demonstrations or disruption of national celebrations including the 60th Anniversary of the country’s independence. The list is endless. Sadly, the APC hierarchy has never, on any one moment, condemned or dissociated itself from such persons or groups fuelling trouble, but often condemn and blame the government and the police on the unfortunate outcomes of orchestrated confrontations with the security forces. This is a clear manifestation of APC support to make the SLPP administration ungovernable and by extension bring war to Sierra Leone again.

Nearly a month ago, an APC MP was among those remanded pending investigations into an alleged importation of arms and ammunition.

On 29th July, 2021, over 4,725 short gun cartridges and a large quantity of military uniforms were uncovered at 41 Percival Street in Freetown, following the confiscation of what appeared to be dangerous drugs at Water Quay. We commend the police for being proactive and urge the entire security sector to improve their vigilance.

My appeal also goes to patriotic Sierra Leoneans to remain vigilant and report all suspected movements to the police.