Disturbing reports have emerged regarding the health condition of the former 2018 Presidential Flagbearer of the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP), Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray, who was tried and found guilty by Judge Samuel Omodale Taylor, at the Appeals Court on allegation of penetrating a 15-year-old school girl. Mohamed Kamarainba is currently serving a 17-year jail sentence at the Male Correctional Centre.

Mansaray’s health seriously deteriorated during the time he has so far spent behind bars. Multiple sources report that his condition has worsened, raising alarm bells among those who fear he may die in prison if immediate action is not taken to address his current health condition.

As his situation now stands, concerns about his deteriorating health have heightened, prompting urgent calls for intervention by the Government of Sierra Leone.

According to our investigations, due to Kamarainba’s deteriorating health condition in prison, he is currently being admitted at the Connaught Hospital, the country’s principal adult referral hospital.

Despite having been receiving medical treatment in Sierra Leone for quite a considerable period of time now, lamentably, Kamarainba’s health complications continue to persist necessitating urgent and more advanced medical intervention. His deteriorating health condition in prison warrants immediate action to address.

It could be recalled while undergoing trial in a court of law, medical examination revealed Kamarainba’s grave health condition evident in him having a feeling of discomfort whenever he urinates during with a diminished stream of urine.

A medical examination conducted disclosed that Kamarainba was diagnosed with chronic inflammation of the prostate gland, medically known as “chronic prostatitis.” An ultrasound scan further indicated an enlargement of his prostate gland.

The medical examination further revealed that Kamarainba’s condition requires treatment with antibiotics and to undergo a medical surgical procedure known as Transurethral Resection of the Prostate (TURP) surgery. However, due to his current location, this procedure cannot be carried out in Sierra Leone.

As Kamarainba’s health hangs in the balance, the urgency of his situation underscores the need for a swift response to ensure his well-being through access to appropriate medical care. His case continues to raise questions about the nexus between legally held accountable or captive and the fundamental right to adequate as well as appropriate healthcare.

According to a School of Thought, despite the fact that he was legally convicted, his worsening situation is one that calls for humanitarian consideration in order to ensure that Mansaray receives the appropriate medical care to avoid the grim possibility of him dying in prison.

Calls on the Government of Sierra Leone are growing louder, urging for cognizance to be taken of the urgency of the situation and to consider his deteriorating health condition as grounds for clemency or medical parole.

Some have argued that it is not only a matter that calls for humane treatment but also a matter of morally upholding Sierra Leone’s commitment to the principles of justice and compassion. While the legal proceedings against Mansaray have reached their conclusion, the responsibility to ensure his well-being remains.

Concerned citizens who spoke to this medium have been unanimously appealing to the Government to take immediate steps in order to prevent a potential tragedy.

The Government’s response to this urgent call will not only be a testament to their commitment to uphold human rights and dignity but will also speak volumes of their dedication to ensuring that justice is served without sacrificing humanity.

As the nation watches and waits, the fate of Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray hangs in the balance, and the plea for his release on medical grounds grows more urgent. The collective hope is that swift and compassionate action will be taken to prevent the possible loss of life and uphold the principles of justice, even in the face of adversarial circumstances.