Dear Hawa Kamara, I understand your pains.
It’s good you already know there was you before Musa. I’m kindly asking you to leave that marriage. Yes, LEAVE!

I noticed you’re on back and forth, but here’s why you shouldn’t go back and forth in making that decision:

1. He beats you.
2. His family allegedly don’t like you
3. He seemed not to be supportive, even in your business. What value is he adding to your strives?
4. He himself isn’t stable
5. There still Hawa after Musa

Hawa I can reiterate that you’re a strong woman. How on earth were you cheering up a man that beats you, his family desn’t like you and you know there’s still gonna be you without him? You don’t owe anybody a stay in that marriage. I found it disgusting that people are making fun of your situation.

The Married Women Association (MWA) condemns these happenings because no woman deserves all of these. We’re kindly asking you to leave. Divorce him everywhere so you’re not tagged a cheat. You can wait for him to recover if you chose to.

All these people calling you Musa’s problem or asking you to forgive some of them can’t take a minute in your shoe.

However, the final decision is yours because in every relationship, talk half, lef half.

The Married Women Association believes that if the marriage is not bringing pleasure, don’t treasure it because it’s a pressure on you. No pleasure, no treasure. We love you.