Abdul Fatoma, the Executive Director of Campaign for Human Rights and Development International (CHRDI), has expressed his disappointment with the demands made by the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) party in Sierra Leone.

Speaking during a panel discussion at AYV, Fatoma criticized the APC for making unreasonable requests that are not achievable and could potentially destabilize the country’s economy.

The APC had initially called for the entire Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone (ECSL), including the commissioner, to resign before the elections. Additionally, they demanded that a foreign group be appointed to oversee the electoral process. These requests, according to Fatoma, were unfounded and unrealistic.

Following the elections, the APC has proposed the formation of an interim government, refusing to accept the election results. Fatoma cautioned against such a move, stating that it would lead to a suspension of the constitution and further destabilize the country’s economy.

He emphasized that the election is an integral part of Sierra Leone’s national politics, in which the APC is a participant, and thus making such unreasonable demands raises significant concerns.

Fatoma emphasized the need for the nation to move forward and focus on rebuilding Sierra Leone. He stressed the importance of a government that possesses a clear direction in terms of economic policies, particularly those aimed at empowering the middle class and combating poverty. The citizens of Sierra Leone require a government that treats them as equal citizens and not as second-class individuals.

Furthermore, Fatoma emphasized the necessity of an inclusive government that ensures both state and non-state actors uphold the rule of law and respect the human rights of all Sierra Leoneans. He voiced concerns about a potential division between the government and the people, emphasizing the importance of unity and cooperation for the betterment of the nation.

In conclusion, Fatoma’s statement highlights the need for a government that prioritizes the welfare of its citizens and works towards economic policies that uplift the nation. He criticized the APC for their unreasonable demands and called for a focus on rebuilding Sierra Leone.

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