Former Minister of State East, Karamoh Kabba, has taken to Twitter to launch a scathing attack on both the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (Paopa)  and the opposition All People’s Congress ‘Team A’ (APC) group.

Kabba accused both factions of attempting to revise their controversial histories and highlighted that individuals responsible for Sierra Leone’s challenges belonged to both camps.

Kabba Calls for Unity Against “Unholy Alliance”

In a series of tweets, Kabba asserted that distinguishing between Paopa and ‘Team A’ was futile, as they shared similar traits despite being affiliated with different political parties. He emphasized that tackling the issues faced by the country required confronting both entities.

“Both Paopa and ‘Team A’ operate with a shared agenda, often collaborating to the detriment of the grassroots population,” Kabba stated.

The former minister argued that an “unholy alliance” existed between the two factions, deliberately perpetuating a political system that marginalized the grassroots. He urged the public to unite against this “selfish political strategy,” emphasizing the need to “rehabilitate those in power and bring about positive change.”

Kabba Acknowledges President Bio’s Efforts, but Calls for More

Notably, Kabba commented on President Julius Maada Bio’s actions within the SLPP, acknowledging the president’s efforts to distance himself from Paopa influence. However, he pointed out that similar actions had not been taken against the ‘Team A’ faction within the APC.

“While President Bio has made some efforts to distance himself from Paopa, he has not taken similar action against the ‘Team A’ faction within the APC,” Kabba said.

Call for a Grudge-Free Mindset and a Return to Democratic Principles

Despite his strong criticisms, Kabba advocated for a mindset free of grudges, recognizing the human element within political circles. He highlighted the importance of democratic principles, suggesting that those with experience in democracy should contribute to the country’s political development.

Citizens Urged to Stand Against Perpetuation of Retrogression

Kabba’s tweets reflected a call to action, urging citizens to stand against political maneuvers that perpetuate retrogression and tribal divisions. The former minister’s bold statements aimed to mobilize the public against what he perceived as a detrimental status quo, emphasizing the shared responsibility of both major political factions in Sierra Leone.

“We must stand together against these forces that seek to divide us and keep us in a state of perpetual retrogression,” Kabba concluded.

Kabba’s Statements Stir Debate and Spark Calls for Change

Kabba’s tweets have sparked a lively debate on social media, with many Sierra Leoneans expressing their support for his message. Some have even called for a national dialogue to address the country’s long-standing political divisions.