The Bo Rangers Executive Chairman, Babadi Kamara has held a special breakfast with one of the club’s most passionate fan on their way to Algeria for the CAF Champions League return leg against CRB.

Among the plethora of devoted supporters, one fan shines brightly. His unwavering dedication, infectious enthusiasm, and heartfelt chants (Booo Ya Na Booo) is unmatched within the club.

has the  said fan has become an inspiration to players, staff, and fellow fans alike. His passion and unwavering support have touched the hearts of many, including the Executive Chairman, Mr. Babadi Kamara.

During that heartfelt breakfast, the Executive Chairman and the extraordinary fan discovered that they shared more than just their love for the club. They found common ground in their unwavering belief in the power of unity and the ability of sports to transcend boundaries. Their conversation went beyond the match itself. It delved into deeper topics, including life, dreams, and the impact they hoped to make in Sierra Leone’s football.

The gesture  shown by  Executive  Chairman is a clear manifestation that he is passionate  and aware about the various commitment of the people around the club.  Their shared moments of laughter, encouragement, and inspiration  showcases that Chairman is down to earth with the Bo Rangers  Family irrespective of their  various positions  within the club.