Bayern Leverkusen Center-Back Marius Alaxandre Samoura has revealed that he prefers to play for Sierra Leone or Guinea-Bissau rather than Guinea

The 22 years Old German Born Defender is a Center -Back and can also play in Left-Back and Right -Back Position.

His decision came because he was allegedly requested to pay money to Play for the Guinean National Football Team.

According to THEE POINTS Sports Marius Alexander Samoura states “They asked me for money to play with SYLI NATIONA I have no ambition to play for Guinea, for my own dignity. Guineans knew that I played for Bayer Leverkusen and for the national youth teams of Germany. Despite everything, I went to ask if it was possible to come defend the colors of my country with the U-17.
They asked me for some money I was in contact with the trainer. He told me to buy my own plane ticket to come and a sum to pay.. There are a lot of things. But, I don’t have 1% ambition to play for Guinea. I prefer even to play for Sierra Leone or Guinea-Bissau. But all but Guinea. “
After 10 years in Germany, Marius was discouraged by the Guinean Federals. Widespread practices that unfortunately lead the evolution of African football!