The Eastern Region Football Association, along with Division One teams in Kenema District, reached a consensus to feature 12 competing teams in the much-awaited Kenema District Playoff held on Friday, August 4th, 2023.”

At the Kenema District Football Association Secretariat on Kengeh Street, a collaborative meeting took place, focusing on strategic preparations for the upcoming playoff

In attendance were the Secretary, Sawaneh, and the Head of Competition, Sannoh, of the Kenema District Football Association, who toiled closely with the Regional FA to ensure meticulous planning and transparency throughout the tournament. The Kenema District Playoff is set to kick off on 12th August, with the opening match featuring Tulane FC against Rendezvous FC at the Kenema City field.

The organizers have reassured all participating teams of their collective commitment to structuring the tournament in a fair and transparent manner. As a District FA, Kenema is fully prepared to extend its support in organizing the regional playoff.

The draw to determine the fixture was conducted using the standard raffle method, and all team representatives wholeheartedly accepted the outcomes.

Upon conclusion of the Kenema District Playoff, one team will qualify from each district, including Kenema, Kono, and Kailahun, to proceed to the Eastern Region Playoff. The competition promises to be intense as teams vie for the coveted spot in the subsequent stage.

The 12 teams set to compete are as follows:

Rendezvous FC

Tulane FC

Alpha Lions FC

Central One FC

Kahunla Rangers FC

Frances FC

Freetown FC

Maadason FC

Mukeh FC

Fresh FC

Lumbebu FC

Gem United FC

 As the date draws nearer, the excitement and anticipation in Kenema District are palpable, with football enthusiasts eagerly looking forward to witnessing thrilling matches as teams battle it out for glory