The Edmond Michael Foundation delegation in Kenema has in the early hours of Tuesday 30th August, 2022 paid a visit to Bombali Sebura Football Club’s camp at Luawa Resort Hotel. The visit which was led by Foundation’s Deputy CEO, Hassan Bangura was to register condolence, console the team and show solidarity for the loss of the Bombali Sebura FC head coach, David Paul Jr. who died a short while after losing 1-2 to EMF in the opening match of national Division One Playoffs in Kenema City the previous day.

On behalf of the Southern Region Champions, Technical Director, Alimamy K-Foot Turay stated to the Northern Champions that no one expected Paul’s demise yesterday and that this is shocking. “He stood with me at the City field when the players were warming up before the match commenced. We conversed, shared ideas and had some very friendly chat; he seemed very optimistic about the competition and seemed very okay,” K-Foot said. He went on to say that as a team, the Edmond Michael Foundation is saddened by the unfortunate situation. “We want you to know that we are with you in this now and will be with you until we lay our brother and footballing colleague to rest,” he added. He ended up by asking all to pray for the deceased coach that God pardons his earthly iniquities and grants him eternal solace.

Organizing Secretary and Technical Director 2 of Bombali Sebura FC, Ali Umaru Conteh expressed that they were pleased with Foundation’s visit to their camp, stating that such is what is expected in the game of football. “Coach Paul was a good and friendly man. He was a renowned coach in Liberia and even here in Sierra Leone and we will surely miss him,” cried Conteh. He revealed that Late Coach David Paul Jr. had been sick before the team touchdown Kenema for the playoffs yet he decided to be with the team even in the rain. “After losing to you, we came back to the hotel and decided to hold an executive and technical meeting. It was in the meeting that Paul stated ‘we have lost our first match but we will qualify.’ Shortly after he made that statement, Paul excused himself from the meeting and went outside; the next minute, we saw him falling down from where we held him, took him to a clinic around town ran a test on him so we decided to take him to the government hospital; he puked blood and died on the way there,” narrated Ali Umaru Conteh. He informed the EMF delegation that the mortal remains has been taken to the Kenema City morgue and it will be there until the deceased’s family states otherwise.

Edmond Michael Foundation prays that God forgives Late Coach David Paul Jr. and may his soul Rest In Peace.