The FC Kallon Supporters Management  has  issued a statement expressing sympathy  to all victims who are trying to cope with the brutal clash between  FC Kallon and Bo Rangers in the Premier League fixture dated 27th March 2022 at the Bo Stadium.

The Management pointed out that FC Kallon Supporters Club, as a peaceful body, totally condemns the incident, and want to remind all football fans that they have always tried to maintain peace and calm even during difficult moments when they feel referee decisions are bias and provocative to them.

The Management urges the Premier League Board to look into the issue and come up with decisions and solutions that will prevent similar incidents during matches as the horror of seeing deadly violence is becoming too common in the ongoing Sierra Leone Premier League.

The Management recommend that security guards around the stadiums during matches be trained and enlightened on the fact they are there to protect the players, team officials, match officials, fans, or pitch invaders. On the other hand, to intervene when there are altercations between referees and players is unprofessional on the part of the security personnel.

The Management stresses that violence should have no place in football, and we therefore should come together as fans to eradicate it from our game.

The Management concludes that they awaits patiently a fair decision that focuses on the development of football in the country, rather than protecting interest in the game.