The Sierra Leones People party SLPP Moyaral Candidate during the June 2023 Elections Mohamed Gento Kamara CEO of Gento Group of Companies, has pledged the sum of 100,000,000 (NLe 100,000) as Cash prze for the the forthcoming Central One Football Association (COFA) 2023 inter-community league.

At a press event held on Tuesday, August 15, 2023, at the Parade Playing Field, Philipson Cline-Cole, the Chairman of COFA, shared the eagerly awaited news. The highly anticipated President Bio Trophy’s second iteration is scheduled to kick off on Sunday, August 20, 2023, featuring an electrifying opening match between reigning champions Kroo Town Rangers FC and the formidable Bambra Tong.

Cline-Cole underscored the magnitude of this continued sponsorship, accentuating that the previous year’s tournament had been defined by the President Bio Trophy. With Mohamed Gento Kamara once again demonstrating his unwavering support, this year’s event is poised to elevate the legacy even further.

The upcoming league edition boasts the participation of an impressive 40 communities. During a meeting with representatives from these community teams, Mohamed Gento Kamara reiterated his commitment to sponsoring the league, extending his support from the previous year. His involvement goes beyond cash prizes for the Champion, runner-up, and third-place teams; he also pledged to bestow a range of well-deserved accolades upon exceptional victors.

Moreover, Kamara’s Gento Group of Companies will provide jerseys, proudly displaying the company’s logo, to all 40 participating teams, symbolizing their united spirit in the competition.

Under the theme “Non-Violence and Say No To Drugs,” this year’s league aims to not only deliver riveting football clashes but also impart a resounding call for unity, discipline, and a commitment to a drug-free community. Gento Group of Companies will kickstart the momentum by granting seed money of Le 5,000,000 (NLe 5,000) to each of the 40 communities before the tournament’s commencement. As the excitement mounts and the competition progresses into the knockout stages, each participating team will receive Le 3,000,000 (NLe 3,000).

The pinnacle of the tournament will see the Champion walk away with a significant cash prize of Le 50,000,000 (NLe 50,000), while the runner-up and third-place team will respectively be awarded Le 30,000,000 (NLe 30,000) and Le 20,000,000 (NLe 20,000).

Cline-Cole reiterated the crucial importance of the chosen theme, echoing the dedication to fostering a culture of Non-Violence and Say No To Drugs. He hinted at additional cash incentives for the best-behaved team, with specific amounts set to be disclosed at a later date. A stern caution was sounded against players enlisting with two teams, while a stringent ban policy for any infractions underscored the seriousness of the commitment.

The COFA President Bio Trophy is poised not only to provide exhilarating football action but also to resonate as a powerful call for unity, discipline, and the pursuit of a vibrant, drug-free community. As the kickoff approaches, excitement and anticipation continue to mount among participants and spectators alike.