The Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) has provided an update on the progress of its ambitious artificial turf projects spread across the country.

Work has surged forward at all four designated sites: SLFA Academy, Approved School Playing Field, Port Loko Town Field, and Bo Coronation Field. The Netherlands-based contractors, Edel Grass, are committed to meeting the stipulated completion date set for June 2024.

Notably, seven fully-loaded containers carrying essential equipment have arrived at the Port Loko site, with additional shipments anticipated in the coming days at the Queen Elizabeth II Quay. This equipment is earmarked for delivery and utilization at the various project sites, fueling the construction momentum.

Under the visionary leadership of Thomas Daddy Brima, the construction of these state-of-the-art artificial turf playing facilities signifies a monumental stride in the infrastructural advancement of the nation’s football landscape. The introduction of these standardized facilities promises to elevate the quality of football infrastructure across Sierra Leone, potentially enhancing player development and overall sporting competitiveness.

Part of the project’s scope encompasses the revitalization and standardization of the Koidu Town field and Kenema Town field. This will involve the installation of floodlights and a perimeter fence, adding to the modernization of these facilities and augmenting their suitability for top-tier football events.

The SLFA remains committed to this transformative initiative, viewing it as a cornerstone in bolstering football infrastructure, promoting sports excellence, and ultimately elevating Sierra Leone’s standing in the global football community.