Sources close to the Sierra Leone Premier League Board have indicated to Sierraloaded that the Board is set to use the Disciplinary Committee to investigate claims of vandalism perpetrated by East End Lions players and fans at the Southern Arena.

Earlier on Monday, management of the stadium and Bo Rangers accused fans and players of East End Lions vandalising the stadium after losing by a goal to nil.

CCTV footages at the 6,000-capacity stadium showed evidence of vandalism and particularly Lions goalkeeper, Donald Kamara banging one of the doors leading to the dressing room.

In response, the Killers condemned the vandalism but asked authorities to investigate the matter and promised to pay cost if the club is found culpable.

Meanwhile, a video released by East End Lions’ goalkeeper apologising for his actions.

“I want to apologise to Mr. Babadi and the management of the Southern Arena.

“I did not mean to hit the door and destroy it but rather an emotion of the game. I was disappointed,” he said.

Kamara said he regretted his action and was in fact happy when the stadium was built.