Google Maps has partnered with the Directorate of Science, Technology and Innovation (DSTI) to digitize physical addresses in the country.

DSTI is staffed by a diverse group of thinkers, strategists, coders, analysts, artists and problem solvers. All units work closely together to ensure the vision of DSTI is achieved.

The partnership will allow police & fuel stations in Sierra Leone to be online, marking a significant step towards enhancing accessing.

Benefits of digitized address system

The residential digitized address system will have a lot of benefits like address standardization and faster navigation of any location. The digital address could be stored or scanned electronically for various service deliveries rather writing a lengthy address every time.

Whenever a person feed this digital address string, global positioning system should also indicate the exact location physically. This system would reduce the address duplication efforts, resolving conflict and confusing addresses.

Improving the service delivery quality, quicker reach of emergency services, more efficient wide range service delivery, facilitating housing census, and would help ecommerce firms and government organizations to expend their services especially in cities to make the lives of Sierra Leonean citizen easier and more comfortable in a digitally empowered era.