Popular Sierra Leonean rapper, Alhaji Amadu Bah, better known as Boss La, who is currently serving a 9-year imprisonment, has strongly criticized Salone Cool J and Aklass on his Facebook page for their negative comments about Krio Borbor’s decision to learn diamond mining in Sierra Leone.

Boss La expressed his frustration, stating that some artists are comfortably residing in the USA, benefiting from a changed life while supporting their families back home. He further added that these individuals have access to various opportunities and can even speak their languages now , yet they choose to express anger towards Krio Borbor for embracing his newfound life in Sierra Leone.

He adds that Krio Borbor has challenged them to come to Sierra Leone, renounce their green cards or U.S. passports, and experience firsthand the realities of life in their country.

“Una sidom USA na Krio Borbor e country usai una all life don change ..una dae woke for feed una family back home..dae enjoy opportunities dae even speak now smh ..una wan vex because d guy dae enjoy insai we country dae teach e kids bout different life in our country ..d guy say Leh una kam na salone cherr u green card or u.s passport n kam ..una dae form oo”

Nick Wood is an American-born individual who adopted the name “Krio Borbor” due to his affection for Sierra Leone,

Originally from Utah, USA, Nick Wood, also known as Krio Borbor, developed a deep affection for Sierra Leone and its culture during his visit to the country in 2010. Since then, he has immersed himself in the local culture and traditions, becoming proficient in the Sierra Leonean dialect known as Krio.

In March of this year, Nick announced on social media his decision to relocate his entire family to Sierra Leone, seeking to provide them with an invaluable experience that money cannot buy.